Slack notifications integration

Please add the option to get the notifications as messages on Slack.
This integration can maybe be made using the webhooks.

I certainly would like to vote for this and have suggested this feature already some time ago in another post (but didn’t create a real feature request yet).
As I’m out of votes, I will have to check if I can remove one, but I hope this comment will do for now… :wink:

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Believe it or not I was actually going to Vote as well and also noticed that I was out too… @josklever I saw your Slack references when I was researching this request. I’m sure this will due for now.
I know that we are in the process of rolling a lot of little changes and fixes out - so votes shouuuuuld be released sometime in the near future.

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Out of curiosity so we have something to go from - what would be the best / most wanted alerts to add first? ex. failed updates, updates needed, the daily email etc…

I know the WPActivity log already provides this solution here:

But I am curious as to what’s not on there that we can add?

The implementation of Slack notifications should not be too hard (I’m not a developer, but have created basic similar scripts on my server for this). It needs a settings page to add the webhook, and some settings and hooks/filters (similar for email notifications) to select which notifications should be send to Slack.

For inspiration the devs could look at Wordfence Central, where you can select what needs to go to email, slack (or even SMS).

Start with just some easy basic things and add more later. Some suggestions:

  • Number of available updates
  • Security issues
  • Disconnected sites (client connection down/up)
  • Abandoned plugins/themes
  • Alerts from extensions
  • Output from code snippets

Make sure every notification can be enabled/disabled. Maybe even select different channels for different notifications.


@josklever Thanks for the suggestions it’s a big help.

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Yeah Jos Klever did sum up perfectly what would be nice to have!
A lot of development teams use Slack, I was surprised it wasn’t there already.
Hope this will be implemented :slight_smile:

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  1. MainWP can send email notifications, so if these messages are sent to a webhook instead of an email address, it should work.
  2. If notifications are not yet available but can be of value, why would you not try to make it work?
  3. There are many applications that have an integration with Slack, so why would it be a big deal? Especially for sending notifications?
  4. If you don’t want to use it, it’s fine. It should be optional anyway.

I’m not a developer, but I know something about programming and other systems that are using Slack for notifications. It’s not hard and I’ve been able to create those integrations, by reading some documentation and some testing. The firewall of my NAS is sending blocked IPs to my Slack. My webserver scans logs for abuse and sends the output to my Slack. So if you really think it’s “far beyond possible”, I would advise you to read along, but hold your comments.


An overview of the Wordfence Central settings (you can always create a free account to try it out) to show some of the possibilities to implement:

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