Some "activity" popup is closing automatically, others don't


there are the popups on the MainWP admin, when you do some action, like updating plugins, so on. These popups show a progress bar, so I see the process when to finish. When it is finished, some popups are closing automatically, others don’t, which is very annoying, as I’m just waiting to be closed automatically.

So please make them to behave consistently across all pages. Even to close them automatically or keep showing, it doesn’t matter, just make them to work the same way.

Maybe an option can be added to settings to choose if I want them to be closed automatically or not.

Thank you!

To add to that: if everything is successful, it can be automatically closed, but if there are errors, it would be nice to keep it open, as long as the error information is shown.

Hi @Surbma

Popup modals should in general, automatically close unless there were any errors (e.g. failed update).

Please let us know if you notice that a particular popup modala deviates from that.

Please feel free to make a suggestion about this on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.

The Elementor Database updates don’t close automatically even when there are no errors.
When I find other popup modals I’ll let you know.

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Thanks @josklever. We’ll have the Database Updates popup modal fixed.

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@bojan Please just check all modals, because there are other modals also, that don’t close automatically. I will also report them, when I find a modal that doesn’t close automatically.

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