Some plugins deactivated or removed when updating sites

We use MainWp since 2019 but last years we experience strange things. After a manual update some plugins are completely removed or disabled on some of the 50+ sites.
Yesterday ContactForm7 was disabled with our core site after updating and also for an other client. And earlier in past years the complete folders for Elementor (we use PRO) we deleted.
In the system logs (php, server, apache and nginx) there are no lines about this.
When I manualy update, I do this in blocks to avoid server overload.
Our server: DirectAdmin PRO, Apache, Nginx, PHP 8.0-8.2. Processors 8 and 16GB memory. All uptodate. Most of our clients have 2 processors available, some more.

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Can you please elaborate a bit more on this?
From which location did you update Contact Form 7, and in which locations exactly did the plugin get deactivated?
It would seem that you have your Dashboard added as a Child Site to itself based on this. Is that correct?

Can you please elaborate on this issue? What action and where did you perform, and what and where exactly got deleted?

MainWP runs on the same server as our websites. All sites are updated from this installation.
All are run PHP 8.1 or 8.2. (MainWP=8.2)

We have changed our managed server end 2022. In 2022 we have experienced multiple cases with various sites where the whole plugin folder for Elementor disappeard. With sftp we repaired this. The database was not broken, so the cause was not a regular uninstall. This delete problem has not occured this year as far as I can remeber.

The server is secure. We score 100% hoster with ‘’ and A++ with most sites and other testing.
In my research I could only find a relation with the manually triggered updates and the processor load warnings. I do not know what is really happening. (The server has Debian 12 as base with all recent updates installed, also for DirectAdmin).

MainWP is running as a subdomain:
The child plugin is not active for this Wordpress installation. We update that managementsite alway manually.

Thanks for the additional information.

We haven’t had reports of plugins being deactivated or deleted when an update on them was being performed via the MainWP Dashboard.

And it’s hard for us to see why an action like that would cause a plugin deactivation or deletion.

Did you ever notice this occurring when you would perform updates directly on the WP Admin of your sites?

I did never notice this while updating was in process through MainWP.
But it seems to me that updating is interupted when at the same time an UpdraftPlus backup is initiated or running.
UpdraftPlus settings in the MainWP override (and reset) the settings I made per site. That causes serveroverloads. I’ve now disabled the UpdraftPlus for MainWP and rescheduled all backups on individual sites with a 30 minutes in between, 7 days a week.
Yes, perhaps settings should be changed in UpdraftPlus but then clients should not be able to set these since they are not working as expected and overruled. It is confusing.
I have also set simultane updating lower. Perhaps this solves the issue we had.

This may help with the server overload.

I would just like to reiterate that plugins being deactivated and especially deleted is a very unusual occurrence, even when the server is overloaded.

And please keep in mind that the UpdraftPlus extension can be configured per site which can reduce the number of simultaneous backup processes across your child sites:

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