SOME Pro reports not being received

Does anyone have the issue of some customers not receiving their Pro reports?

I have a handful of customers that don’t seem to ever receive their monthly reports. They are in the same tag group as others who do receive them. I also BCC myself and I receive their report with their correct email address in the header which I then forward to them successfully.

All signs point to them but is there any way to track/troubleshoot/confirm to the customer that the report email successfully left our system?

Also if this is associated with spam flags, is there anything I can do on the MainWP side to increase deliverability rate?


Hi @lwdeddie

I assume that you are using [] tokens for the recipient of the reports?
If so, can you check if the emails are entered for all your clients and/or child sites?

As far as spam is concerned - the general advice for WordPress email delivery applies to MainWP as well.

In the extension settings, try sending the emails from the same domain of the Dashboard site, and try using alternative email delivery systems such as SMTP plugins, or 3rd party services such as Elastic Email.

Check out this article for more details: How to Improve Email Deliverability on and Avoid the Spam Folder – Go WordPress

Hi Bojan. Thanks for responding.

You are correct to assume I’m using [] and all emails are properly entered. I receive a BCC copy of every report and their email address is correctly in it.

I’ll try the third party email tools.


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Hello @lwdeddie - I use Linode for a lot of my websites, and I discovered that Outlook/Hotmail had banned pretty much all of their IPs from sending email. My solution was to create an account with SMTP2GO and install and set up their plugin. That solved my problem and I’ve been pretty happy with their service.

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