Ssl monitor sorting

Hi, It seems the sorting of SSL monitoring (Expires) is a bit odd or off…

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Hey @dhoitink

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Thank you for reporting this to us. It will be fixed in the next release of the SSL Monitor extension.

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Thx. Question; when using a Widget on the Overview screen; It would be great if the sorting will be remembered the next time I load the screen or logging in the next day. Also when viewing 10 or 25 out of 100/ALL. Will the sorting be bases on the selection of 10 or 25 or will it be (re)generated over the 100/ALL. It would be handy to see the first 10 domains to expire, without having to click ALL/SORT/etc…

Right now, the sorting is remembered when you navigate away from the page or refresh it. But signing out of WordPress does revert back to default sorting, which is by Site.

The sorting will take into account all entries from all pages of the widget, not just the ones that are visible.

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