Strange notice and bad styling

This morning I opened my MainWP Dashboard and saw part of a notice, like this:

The text is partially hidden behind the sidebar, so that needs to be fixed. If I give it a margin-left of 180px it’s visble, but the close button on the right goes off screen.

The text itself is “Send mail function may failed.” so i’ts missing “have”, but it’s also missing any explanation about what went wrong. Which process tried to email? When did it happen? What was the error? Some context can help to figure it out. While creating this post I discovered that there was an error with sendmail on my server, so the why part has been answered.

The error message is found in the file: mainwp/class/class-mainwp-system-view.php

The error is shown in the WordPress dashboard as well as plain text without styling.

As I’ve managed to fix the sendmail issue, the error is gone now, but the styling and text improvements still need some attention.

Hi Jos,

Thanks for pointing out this problem.

We updated the message element style and content:

Regarding the check itself, MainWP Dashboard uses the native WP hook wp_mail_failed to check if there is any error for wp_mail() method detected. The hook fires after a PHPMailer\PHPMailer\Exception is caught.

This update will be included in the MainWP Dashboard 4.2.7


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