Suggestion for improvement to the update process from a UX perspective

If I go to Manage Sites, I can see the numbers of updates for each category column (core, themes, plugins). If I click on one of those numbers, for example, plugins, to see the list of plugins that need to be updated, it is not possible to go back and continue updating that site. I have to go back to Manage Sites, find the site, click the next category, and then start the process again.

If I click the site title in Manage Sites, I can see the overview for each category, but I still have to look at details to see all the detailed updates (for example, I am not going to click “update all” without knowing what will be upated). It would be very useful to be able to see a list of the updates right on the overview page, to prevent having to click and go back so often, especially since it’s not possible to go back to the site overview page.

Hi @libbynotzoey, thanks for reaching out. Before MainWP v4, we had the Updates Overview widget provide list of available updates, however, in v4 the list was removed and the whole new Updates pages is introduced.

This was one of users requirements.

Since version 4.1, we added multiple hooks in the Updates Overview widget, so if you wan you can customize the widget on your setup and show required data.

Here you can find the hooks reference for the widget.

I think the idea is that it would be nice to be able to update the plugins individually in case we want to do it carefully, in case one of the updates breaks the site. Then we would know which plugin caused the issue. The way it works now, it’s time consuming to do them individually because you have to start again from the main site overview page each time. Thanks for the reply and we’ll look at the link you provided.

Thanks for getting back to me.
Please note that the Updates section is designed to provide more granular control over updates.
The Overview widget is just a quick tool to perform bulk updates and see available updates.

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