Supporting more uptime service providers

On Appsumo there are some interesting LTD deals from uptime service providers (Shop AppSumo | Browse products. Grow your business.).

How easy is it for them to integrate with MainWP? Can anyone create integration or is this for MainWP to decide who is allowed or not?

Hi @sierinkwp,

At the moment, we have support for the following services:

  1. Uptime Robot
  2. NodePing
  3. Site24x7

and we have plans to integrate Better Uptime soon.

Regarding the other services, it is something that we can look into in the future and if any 3rd party developer would be interested to make extensions, MainWP is open source and developer-friendly, so custom 3rd party extensions can be created.

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Better Uptime has been included in the AUM. Beta version available here:

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