Table View Snapshot Updates

Hi all, I have just moved all my sites over to Mainwp and it’s been great so far. I was going to pay for a service to monitor changes on my website ( broken Layouts etc), but I have seen the screenshots in the sites grid view. Is there any way I can have these periodically have these refresh so I can see a more up to date screenshot of the site?
How often do they update normally?

Thanks, Darren

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@darren_d The MainWP ScreenShot feature utilizes the mshots API to generate screenshots on the fly. Simply performing a resync of your Child Site network should update the screenshots.

However reading the README on the Github repo below it states that it may be limited to every 24 hours. This would need to be tested to know for sure.

This class is designed to buffer the thumbnail requests, by limiting snapshots to only be taken every 24 hours.

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Thank’s Keith. I’ll take a look into that and do some testing. :+1:


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