Tag Color Picker Hue Slider Not Working in MainWP 4.4.3

The hue slider for the Tag color picker is not working and is returning an error in the inspector console. Also, the hue color does not match the selected color.

Thanks @kwsim.

We’ve reproduced the issue and we’ll have that fixed for the next release of the Dashboard.

We’ve just released version of the Dashboard, which fixes this issue.

Thanks again for reporting it.

Yes, the color picker is working as it should. However, the tags themselves are not right. On the Sites page, they are fine, but on the Clients page, they are all messed up and inconsistent. See below.


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Thanks @kwsim. We’ve managed to reproduce the problem.
It manifests only on the Clients page when Child Sites and Clients have multiple tags.

We will issue a fix for it in the next release.

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Hi @kwsim, does this version solve the problem:

Perfect! That fixed it.


Thanks for the confirmation. We’ll schedule this release for early next week for everyone.


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