Tag selection doesn't display only sites with the specific tag


I love the new update with the tags’ colour and all, but, something really annoying makes them useless when you are selecting one, all the sites with it are highlighted, great! But with more than 200 sites you are to scroll all the way down to find which ones are selected. A little bit counterproductive, no?

For example, we have 4 websites for our company tagged with “WP Expert” but when selected we are still seeing all the sites and need to scroll through to find ours…

It would be really nice to see only the sites with the tag.
Thanks, Fred

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Hi @wpexpert

Thanks for pointing this out to us.

We agree that it can be cumbersome to edit tags when you have a large number of child sites on the Dashboard.

We’ll look into improving this in a future release of the MainWP Dashboard.


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