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About Team Control Extenstion,
i created a Role “My Team” and i added persons in it.

But every time we create a new website, it’s not available for them,
i have to edit the Role, and then in section “Allowed Child Sites for the Role” : i must check all new websites

How can i make sure the Role has automatically access to all websites ?


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Hey @Info1

This can be accomplished by granting users access to Groups. Then when adding new sites to the Dashboard, you assign that site to a particular group, and the user will automatically have access to the child site.

It still requires you to perform an additional action, but it’s significantly faster as it can be done while adding the site with two mouse clicks, and it also may be easier to manage user permissions in the long term.

thanks @bojan ,

So it’s impossible to use the api (add-site) and grant my team access automatically… i will have to do some action by hand, really not great !

Why not a checkbox or a choice “all websites” / “specific websites” in Role settings section “Allowed Child Sites for the Role” ??

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Currently, not all extensions have API support, but is a planned feature.

Your suggestion about having a choice of “all websites” / “specific websites” when assigning Child Sites to custom user roles seems like it may be a good addition. I have passed it along to the development team.

Just to detail my point… I understand but my point was : it’s impossible to fully automate “add-site” with the api (not an extension feature, but core feature) when we use team control. Because we still have to go and click and allow the Roles to allow edit the newly added site :wink:

If using Site Groups for managing user permissions is acceptable, you wouldn’t need to go to Team Control settings to allow newly added sites.
Instead, you can add a child site to a Group in the same window while you are adding a site. And if a user has privileges for that Group, they will automatically have access to that new site.

If a user doesn’t have access to a Site Group, they will not see sites belonging to that group, but they will also not see the Group itself. So it shouldn’t be too messy.

To quote Bogdan from a previous thread regarding the API - MainWP v1 REST API doesn’t have support for all possible features and ways to handle information. We are planning to extend it as our user’s needs grow.

it’s acecptable but it make it impossible to automate things with the api because the point using the api is to not have to clicks things…

so when using Team Control = impossible to automate adding new site with the api

For us it’s 2 must have… team control is a must, api is a must ! unfortunately not possible with mainwp

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