Termageddon MainWP Extension

Hi everyone! My name is Hans and I’m one of the cofounders of Termageddon. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about our MainWP extension or the Termageddon product. Reach out any time!

Prior to Termageddon, I ran a 12 person agency and look forward to sharing my thoughts on building a wordpress maintenance business too!


Hi Hans, let’s get a link to your Extension for everyone.

Good call, Dennis.

Here’s a link to receive two free sets of our auto-updating policies (available for all MainWP users): MainWP freebie special with Termageddon

And here’s a link to download the extension: https://termageddon.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/termageddon-for-mainwp.zip


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Hi Hans (@termageddon),

We already have been in touch for your product for our agency (still waiting for more development for Canadian customers) but, can you tell us more about the extension you developed for MainWP? What options/control/views we get?

Thanks for the offer.

@wpexpert It works similar to the MainWP page section except instead of adding text to the page you add their Javascript for the site.

Title the page (Privacy Policy)
Paste Privacy Policy JS from Termageddon
Select what type of the 4 policies it is (this case Privacy)
Select the site that it belongs on

Then on the Termageddon page of MainWP, you get a list of sites and what has Termageddon on it.

The Extension page shows more images which makes it pretty straightforward.

I can’t say anything about Canadian development though :slight_smile:


Thanks Dennis for providing this information.

Hi Frederic,

Regarding Canadian progress, our next item for launch will be the Terms of Service, which will be available in late October. Disclaimers will then follow, about mid-December.



Thanks @dennis and @termageddon for the answers.
Hans, I am waiting on the Canadian terms to launch a campaign with our Canadian clients (more than 90) so can’t wait to see it in action. We are already using the policy on our website: https://wpexpert.ca/privacy-policy/ - we noticed that the tables are not responsive at all but, nothing to do with this so I will open a ticket with your support. Thanks again and waiting for the Canadian terms!!

Hi Frederic,

That is great to hear! We pushed an update for table responsiveness, but when a policy has to comply with a lot of privacy laws, it can still look pretty rough. We’ll be deploying an accordion option (instead of tables) for users with complex privacy tables.


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