The link you followed has expired

using bulk settings manager I am trying to save the license for it as i have it installed on hundreds of sites.
when i try and run the key i get.
The link you followed has expired.
there are 2 posts that immediate happen when I add the license.
then it posts to
I am not sure how to replicate the process in bulk settings so it will work correctly.

THANKS for any help!

Just to verify, your not trying to add the Bulk Settings Manager Extension to your Child sites? The Bulk Settings Extension only goes on your Dashboard.

If you’re trying to add the license for a plugin can you let us which plugin it is?

This is correct. and sure its BBQ Pro.

First, darn it, I thought that was going to be a BBQ plugin and got excited :cut_of_meat:


Have you verified on any of the sites if the key is being set?

If no to two, let’s take a look at the Child Site with the Key Maker plugin on it.

Since it seems this plugin is using a non-standard form submission, let’s check if the Extension will work.

After you enter your key and press submit, go to the Key Maker link in your WP Header and from Post-submission Request select verify form fields and values and check if your key was passed through the form.

If the Key Maker is not able to pick up the key correctly because of the immediate redirect, it probably won’t work for that plugin.

First of all LOL @ that :stuck_out_tongue:

The key is not being set using the bulk settings manager. hence the error.
and yes when i check the key maker the key is there and all the values look to be correct. but again since its doing more than the single post its not working right. so its more about how its bouncing to another page I think. I cant imagine manually entering the key in 500 sites.

Me either, let’s be sure we are on the same page still.

Is your Dashboard returning this error, or is it an error being returned by the child sites as you run through the 500 sites?

And, to not assume anything, you do have the Developer license of BBQ Pro, correct?

By the child site. and yes my boss has it. I might just play with it some more and see if i can figure it out or some kind of workaround. kinda sucks :frowning:

I do find this interesting. If the key is being passed correctly, in theory, everything should work right, but then this plugin throws in the redirect.

Usually, your error message means your site is having some memory issues. I was thinking maybe the Dashboard was timing out, but if it’s happening on the child sites and not the Dashboard, that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

Does the Extension enter the key correctly if you just send it to one site, or does that even give you the error message?

Its def not a memory issue.
and the same error occurs on any site…
I’ve decided to bite the bullet and and do it manually on all sites.

You can also open a ticket with support and see if they see an issue


A link to this thread (save some back and forth)
Your Dashboard Login
One of your Child sites Login
The Key you’re trying to add

They’ll be able to dig in and see if they can find the issue.

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