Theme Updates not working

If I go to Updates > Theme Updates, and click on the Update All button for a theme (for example, one of the Wordpress themes like Twenty Nineteen) I get a pop-up window with green ticks telling me that the theme is updating on each site. However, the number of outstanding updates for that theme in MainWP remains the same after the process has finished, even after I have synchonised all sites on MainWP. And if I log in to one of the sites, the theme that I tried to update via MainWP has not updated.

As per Manage Updates - MainWP Documentation

Edited to add: this feature seems to work if there is a small number of sites to update. What is the site number limit?

Hi @clgm

There isn’t a site number limit, but it’s possible that your MainWP Dashboard is currently sending too many simultaneous install and update requests.

Try setting the default values on the Settings > Advanced Settings page and see if that helps.
And you can also try lowering the different values a bit for the simultaneous requests and increasing the values for the minimum delay.

Hi @bojan, I set those default values, and also tried lowering the values for the simultaneous requests (to 1) and increasing the values for the minimum delay (to 400). The process took much longer, as expected, but the updates still weren’t made.

Can you please try updating just the themes in question through MainWP and see if that works?

If not, try updating those themes directly on the child sites and see if there are any error messages.

MainWP Dashboard doesn’t impose a limit on the number of update requests, however, if the number of sites being updated is large and at least some of those sites are on the same server, the issue is most likely going to be related to server resources.

I’m only updating one theme for now, the Twenty Nineteen theme. I can update this theme on any of the child sites without error. The number of child sites is over 400.

I will find out about server resources. Thanks @bojan.

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@bojan I have established that the server resources are limiting the number of sites we can update, and it has been recommended that we filter sites by tag and then update sites by tag rather than by plugin or theme.

Is there some documentation on how to update sites by tag? I searched in but couldn’t find what I wanted.


You can find out more information about Managing Tags here:

After you’ve created Tags and added child sites to them, you simply have to select “Show updates per Tag” in the dropdown menu on any of the Updates pages.


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