Trusted Updates don't work anymore

I noticed that for a while now and didn’t take the time to report it but I noticed that all my Trusted Updates are not updated after 24h being published…
Look at the list here:

MainWP Child has been updated 2 days ago

Now, I checked the setting for the Trusted Updated and all on. Last date checked was last night:

So do I missing something?

Hi Fred, looks like the Cron got stuck on Feb 4.

Can you please try to disable and re-enable the Use WP Cron feature in MainWP > Settings and wait for 24 hours to see how it goes?

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You means “Enable WP Cron” right?

Ok. I disabled, saved, enabled and saved.
I will keep you posted. Thanks @bogdan.


Thanks. I will wait for the update.

Hi @bogdan, it worked! All Trusted updates have been applied. Great. I will select your solution and you can close this topic.

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So good to hear that :slight_smile:
Thanks for letting us know

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