Two years later: The state of page builders and who has changed directions

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A little over two years ago, I decided to write an article on WordPress page builders. In reality, I wanted to know how many there were. I started a spreadsheet to keep up with them. It was a pretty long article and in the end, we came up with some 33-page builders. I know I…

1. Bricks Builder:

  • For a site with the cleanest code, most accessible and performant site (out of the box).
  • Developer and code friendly if you want to code, but has site, page and parts library like everything else.
  • Extremely vibrant, active community.
  • Par Excellence: The Bricks Builder developers responses to user requests are an example for the industry (right along site the Generate Press company).
  • Bricks Builder is a theme and allows use of Native WordPress environment along side it - I use Generate Blocks for the creation of the blog posts.
  • Has a mature 3rd party solutions such as GutenBricks that allows the use of Bricks Builder to great custom Blocks for use in Native WordPress - Great for building restrictive environments for clients to access.

2. Native WordPress

  • For Classic theme I use Generate Press + Generate Blocks.
  • For modern themes (aka FSE themes - horrible terminology) I use OllieWP + Generate Blocks.