Unable to add storage account in global settings for WP Time Capsule

I am trying to set up the WP Time Capsule extension, but can’t set the storage account. I’ve installed the plugin on all sites and logged in via the Time Capsule Settings.

If I go to the general settings tab, the storage account box is greyed out, so I cannot enter the credentials for our wasabi bucket.

If I go to an individual site, I can click override general settings and that allows me to set the storage settings, but not globally for all sites.

Hi Jonathan,

Since some remote storage services (such as Dropbox, Drive,…) don’t allow bulk authentication, it is required to authenticate it directly from the child sites.

Hi Bogdan,

I’m not sure I understand, the box is greyed out, so it makes the global settings for storage redundant as you can’t choose any option, it isn’t related to the storage type as you can’t select any type. Or am I missing something here?

Also there is no bulk registration, it is just setting options in the wp time capsule plugin settings the same as it does with the Updraftplus extension. That is what we currently use, and the wasabi credentials are entered globally, which then sets the settings in the plugin on each site, so presumed that Time Capsule would work in the same way.

Hi Jonathan,

I agree that the grayed-out option can make some confusion. We will revisit this in the next extension update.

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

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