Unable to update plugins and theme

Hi i am a hoster.
For some website I hosted, I was unable to upgrade any components.
I have the dashboard, I can create article etc…

But the upgrade of plugin or theme failed…
No information on the error_log file, both on the master and the slave…
I find a Mod_security alert, but I don’t know where I do go for disabled it.

any ideas ?
Thank you

Hi @ipFixe

If you are not the one operating the actual server, perhaps it may be best to contact the hosting support and ask them for assistance.

If you wish, you can also try following instructions from this article on how to disable mod_security: How to Disable mod_security in Apache - Ubiq BI


I am the hoster, and be sure I try many many many setting and tuning option.
Now, mod_security is disabled.
before disabled. I have some CSRF failure…

Anyway to have a log in error_log files or in database ?

Error logs can be found on MainWP Dashboard > Info > Error Log page.

If you see the message: “MainWP is unable to find your error logs, please contact your host for server error logs.”, your WP Error Logs are turned off.

Please read this article below for steps on how to turn them on: Debugging in WordPress – WordPress.org Forums

This particular warning message is related to Cross-Site Request Forgery, and if that’s the URL of the MainWP Dashboard, then the warning message can be safely ignored.

Nothing in the dashboard…
Another solution is disabled and deleted the plugin on the master website…

But when I re-installed it…child websites are recovered…so when I uninstalled the plugin…data still exist in the database…

Uninstalling the MainWP Dashboard plugin does not remove the data from the Database, so this is expected behavior.

Just to be sure, did disabling mod_security resolve your original issue of not being able to update plugins and themes?

And please keep in mind that we are not in a position to offer support for the software running on your server, or for any 3rd party software for that matter, and it may be best to try contacting its support.

SO, how can I remove data in database ?
I disabled Mod_security but nothing…same issue…
I can pay for the support, no problem…
For myself, I have 50 websites I can’t update, and my 47000 websites hosted server…so much more I presume…

It’s an important issue.
The server is just a LiteSPeed server, with CSF and imunify360…
SO, I can wake some twitter and Facebook post for asking my followers and clients (most of the 100 first SEO in France…)

I let you decide…

Kind regards

Hi Franck,

Would you mind opening a helpdesk ticket where we can collect more information and check what is going on?


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