[Under Review] Be able to do multiple types of updates in the same time

Hello team,

The previous major version of the dashboard allowed us to see the list of core, plugins, themes and languages on the same page (not in tabs like today), so with this we could start a core update on one site, do a theme update on another and so on, without changing the page/tabs like we need to today (or opening up multiple pages with the risk of trying to start concurrent updates). So my request is to lower the time spent while selecting and doing multiple types of updates in the same time, as the feature to select and update only the selection is already available, now we need a “general”/“overview” tab/page with all the updates that we can choose from to install. This + the filtering by tag groups/clients can help us deal with the updates in a much easier and based on SLAs.

If the request is not clear enough please let me know.

Thank you and wish you all the best.