[Under Review] Copy data from new child site

It would be nice to copy the data from a new child site and into the dashboard, when adding the child site.

In stead of copy / paste the data 3-4 times.

Come on, there must be more than me who doesn’t want to waste time copying data from a new child site and into the mainwp dashboard.

Infinite WP has this option.

Right now I have added more than 500 sites due to my WordPress update service on OKEIwebbureau.dk and as every site takes around 20 seconds to add ( copy/paste + copy/paste + copy/paste) then this adds up to 2.78 hours of work. If just I could have copied all needed data from the child site at the same time and pasted it into the mainwp dashboard with one click, then I would have saved probably more than 2 hours (5 seconds to copy/paste).

Please vote for it :slight_smile: