Universal analytics accounts will still be functioning?

Hi there, I read some days ago these news about Google intention to remove universal analytics accounts by summer of next year.

My guess is that this is going to affect the Google analytics extension since it requires the universal analytic account to be configured, so I wanted to know whether you already had this mind and if this extension will still be functional but will just need some fixing here and there… so basically if you could just share a little bit of info about it (and if there’s anything to be fixed in the first place, maybe I’m just assuming wrong).

If changes need to be made I think it would be best to start as soon as possible so we could directly forget about the universal analytic accounts for new clients (and not having to revert actions in let’s say 6 or 9 months).


Hi @eduardosans

The extension will be receiving an update to address this change to Google Analytics.

You can expect a release by the end of this month.


Great news :slight_smile: Will there be documentation on the changes to be made with clients working on universal accounts? and on how to proceed with new clients with only GA4? Thanks again!

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Of course. We will be updating the documentation with all necessary information.


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