🎉 Update Database for WooCommerce and Elementor Plugins

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Following the release of MainWP 4.4, “Cache Control”, and “SSL Monitor” Extensions, yesterday, we released the Jetpack Scan and Jetpack Protect Extensions in partnership with Jetpack by Automattic. By combining our resources and knowledge, we created these two powerful Extensions that can help you keep your Child Sites safe from potential security threats. And, on…



this is most welcomed! Very helpful indeed. I hope you will add more and more plugins to this.

But the new extension is not working for Elementor Pro database updates. I do not understand that. As with the iThemes Security Extension. Why do you only support free versions in your extensions? Please add Elementor Pro db updates to this marvelous extension

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Hello @dennis,
I confirmed what @joker mentioned above, the Elementor PRO database is not working.
Check the screenshot here:

Confirmed that Elementor DB is done but not the PRO one… Strange! Why do they have 2 DB?


Hi @joker and @wpexpert

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We will be adding support for Elementor Pro in the next release of the extension.

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Hi @bojan ,

Thanks, that‘s good to hear1

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is there already a release date for the update so that it works with Elementor Pro?

Hi @gisi0815
We appreciate your interest. We are actively working on the extension, but we don’t an exact ETA right now for the release.

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