Updates failing on one site

I have one site in 32 that just won’t update anything from MWP. I have checked file and folder permissions and I have disabled/re-enabled the child plugin as well as changed the security key. No joy. Anyone else run into this and have a possible fix?

Hi fotan,

thanks for reaching out.

Is there anything different about this child site? Is it on a different server? Maybe some security plugin that you don’t use on the rest of your child sites?

I have a problem with one of our sites, but it’s using an old theme and a ‘hacked’ wp-login.php that I keep updating every new release, still waiting for them to approve the new site!
I just assume it’s cocking up the update mechanism, so I go in manually and update when I see updates for similar plugins they have.
Other than that it’s pretty standard stuff plugin wise, I don’t know if that’s helpful or not?

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Hi David,

thanks for sharing your experience. I am sure it will help someone.

If you want, you can run some troubleshooting (by switching the theme temporarily and deactivating plugins that you suspect that might be causing issues) and see what is causing the problem.

Back to the original… :slight_smile:

I have removed my site from the MWP dashboard, deleted the child plugin from the site and put everything back. Same problem.

What is new is that I found .maintenance is being placed, but not removed when updates fail. Maybe that helps narrow it down?

This sounds like the process is timing out on the child site so WP doesn’t get a chance to remove the file.
MainWP plugin triggers update, but WP handles it. So when the process times out on the child site, WP doesn’t get a chance to remove the file.

Can you please try to increase PHP Memory Limit, WP Memory Limit, and PHP Max Execution time on the child site server and see if that helps?

Here you can find instructions on how to update these:

Let me know how it goes.


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