Updates of extensions didn't show

Hey there,
While talking to @josklever - he noticed I was running outdated (pro) extensions. He encouraged me to temporarily deactivate them, reactivate the plugins, and then activate them back through the Dashboard so they are also connected again with my API key. After doing so, then I went back to /wp-admin/updates.php, did a manual “check again” (took a while!), and then my updates showed:

This sounds like a severe bug if (pro) extensions don’t show up automatically. I heard that Jos had it happen on his dashboard too.

Hi @jeroenrotty

We’re glad that you managed to resolve the issue.

We are aware the issue you’ve described can occur with some users.

Our KnowledgeBase contains an article with a step-by-step process for resolving this issue:

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Hey Bojan,

Thank you for replying so quickly :slight_smile:. It’s good that there is documentation - if you need any technical details from me so we can work on finding the root cause of it, do let me know. For now, I’m good, hoping this is not a recurrent thing.

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