Updraft Backup Extention - S3 compatible - Signature issue

The Updraft backup extention, using free version of the plugin and choosing S3-Compatible (Generic backups) fails owing to the Signature.

When settings are pushed from MainWP it always sets Signature Version to SigV2.
Backups to Backblaze (using the generic plugin) fails.
Manually changing the signature to SigV4 on the child site enables the backups to complete.
Any push of settings from MainWP reverts that SignV2.
Is it possible to get a dropdown field so we can set Signature Version in the MainWP global settings.

My back end provider is BackBlaze B2 buckets.
Error message with vital bits redacted.

S3-Compatible (Generic) settings test result: Failure: We successfully accessed the bucket, but the attempt to create a file in it failed. Please check your access credentials. (UpdraftPlus_S3::putObject(): [InvalidRequest] The V2 signature authorization mechanism you have provided is not supported. Please use AWS4-HMAC-SHA256)

Also to note: Had to manually create the bucket so now backups are using s3.generic://bucket-name-here/site-name rather than s3.generic://site-name

Backblaze musnt give bucket creation to its api keys.

Hey @outsourcedit

Welcome to the MainWP community!

Thanks for reporting this to us.

Right now, our UpdraftPlus extension is missing the related options for setting the Signature Version and Bucket access style for S3 Compatible, as well as the Object lock duration field for Backblaze.

We will be including these options in the next release of the UpdraftPlus extension.