Updraft Plus Extension Remote Storage Clarification

My goal is to have mainwp manage the global updraft plus settings for the backup schedule and I figured out how to do that. However, I’m confused about how to let each site have an individual remote backup folder.

Do I do this:

  1. On the mainwp extension setup turn on “do not override remote storage settings”
  2. On the site-specific mainwp dashboard:

Is this the correct understanding of the “do not override button” on the mainWP site-specific dashboard (shown abobr)

A) If the button is on (GREEN) then whatever settings are on the individual site will be followed (dropbox or ftp, etc) ---- but if the button is off, then then whatever settings I set here in the mainWP updraft plus panel will be followed?


B) Does the button being on (green) mean that the local site settings will be followed and that I can configure them here in mainwp as if I would do so on the site itself? And if that’s the case, if I add settings here (to google drive, etc) will it override settings that I have on the site itself?

Thank you for any help!

Hi David,

In order to set per site specific remote storage for your backups, it may be best to do the following:

  1. Use the MainWP UpdraftPlus Extension to set the UpdraftPlus general settings, but keep the Do Not Override Remote enabled (green) so the extension will pass all settings except for remote storage to child sites.
  2. After that, on each child site (directly on the child site) set your preferred remote storage.

awesome, ty. And then if I wanted to adjust the schedule on the individual site (so I don’t have every site running a backup at the same time :scream: ) – do I need to enable: override general settings on the individual site settings in ManageWP? It looks like it will let me change the starting time and retention settings whether or not I have this on. But I do like having the global settings initially populate the file and db schedule.
Thanks again.

Hi David,
Yes, if you want to change any settings for individual sites, you can simply enable the Overwrite General settings option and update settings for that particular site.

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