UpdraftPlus and AWS SDK S3 bug filling up local diskspace

Heads up if you use UpdraftPlus with backups going to S3 with other plugins that also uses the same SDK or older version like WP Activity Log Premium with mirroring enabled to AWS.

As this bug results in backups not being uploaded to S3 it stores the backup locally as a fallback, even if you have disabled this. In my case it filled up diskspace very quickly and resulted in some of our websites not responding or getting resource errors.

Response from UpdraftPlus:


Apologies for the inconvenience.

Changes to the UpdraftPlus version of the AWS SDK have resulted in conflicts with a number of other plugins.
This appears to have been due to issues in how namespacing has been implemented on these plugins.

I will pass the name of this plugin on to our development team, who are investigating this further.

In the meantime, I would also recommend contacting the developers of the other plugin and asking them to also investigate.

Best practice for plugins loading libraries etc., is to only load the library at the point where it is strictly needed.
(For example, UpdraftPlus only loads the S3 library just before contacting AWS).
It appears that the other library is loading its code on all page loads, including other plugins’ admin pages.

Best Wishes,

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