UpdraftPlus Backups fail silently after DropBox Folder is removed resulting in very high bandwidth usage

I recently ran across this issue. It’s not necessarily a bug, but it would be nice to have the back-end process change to prevent extremely high bandwidth usage.

Steps to recreate:

  • configure UpdraftPlus Extention for MainWP to push backups to a DropBox folder
  • then remove DropBox destination folder, but don’t remove the UpdraftPlus backup configuration
  • watch server’s bandwidth usage go up for 4 hours until the backup cron fails silently

What’s happening is the UpdraftPlus extension for MainWP is still trying to push backups to a now non-existent DropBox destination folder. The cron just tries over and over again, pushing large chunks that do not go anywhere. After 4 hours, the process fails silently and hundreds of GB of bandwidth have been used up.

For example, I have a server at Vultr that has a bandwidth quota of 3TB/month. With this process failing, the daily bandwidth usage was 10x to 15x of normal. See screenshots. A small 7GB site that was trying to be backed up by UpdraftPlus was resulting in 100-120GB of bandwidth usage over a 4-hr window before the backup process fails silently.

Hi Cameron,

This more looks like the UDP plugin problem.

MainWP extension only triggers the backup process and the UDP plugin does the rest.


Yes, you are correct. I wanted to post this here in case others were having the same issue. It took me several days to figure out what was going on.


No problem, maybe someone else had a similar problem with UDP and can help.

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