Updraftplus doesn't trigger backup before plugin update

When I update a plugin from my Mainwp environment, there is no backup created even though I have Updraftplus configured to create a backup before update. However, a backup is created if I update the plugin directly from the site’s Wordpress environment. Is this behavior by design, a bug, or something I’m missing? If it is by design, I will always have to go to each site to complete updates.

Updraftplus premium
Mainwp Updraftplus extension configured as primary backup

I would also be interested in the exact same thing. The backup before update feature of UpdraftPlus Pro is extremely useful, especially for sites with a lot of images where it backs up only the database + plugins instead of doing a full backup which may take up multiple GB of space.

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Thank you for reporting the issue. We will test to see if this can be replicated & then have our Dev Team check what the issue is if we find one.

Thank you for your patience while we look into this.

The feature to make a backup before updates which is the part of the UpdraftPlus plugin is not fully compatible with the MainWP plugin. Basically, the UpdraftPlus doesn’t fire because it doesn’t detect that the update process has started.

As per our finding earlier, there was nothing on our side that could be done to change this behavior, but we are planning to revisit this and see if something changed in one of the future versions.

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Thank you for looking into this.

It would be great if something could be done to make this work. While the workflow for running updates with MainWP is great, the current situation with backups related to UpdraftPlus is far from ideal.
As Danna stated, it requires us to visit each sites dashboard individually to get the desired backups done which, at least in this area, defeats the purpose of having centralized control over the child sites.

If the auto-backups cannot be triggered by MainWP, could there be a solution that lets us trigger backups manually from the MainWP overview screen?

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