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Need help in regards to UpdraftPlus settings for S3… Opened an AWS-account, created a S3-vault (used to be buckets…) named MainWP.

Will stuff work if I in extension settings sets S3 location to “MainWP/ %siteurl%”?

For some sites I’ve manually set S3 location to “domain.tld”, will these stay or will they be updated with the new structure?

For new sites that’s being added, will S3 be added automatically as remote backup?

Thank you for your post.

This is however a question ment for UpdraftPluss

Thanks, but some of the settings are not just UpdraftPlus. How do I best use Supported tokens: %sitename%, %siteurl%
If I name my vault to MainWP, should I set S3 location to “MainWP/ %siteurl%” to be able to keep the sites apart?
How do I use these tokens…?

ALL Settings are UpdraftPlus, they are handled by UDP & reside within your Child Sites Database under UDP tables.

It should as this is a built in UDP variable ( short code )

If you have your Global Settings saved within MainWP > AUM Extension and you select to run those settings during site connection yes.

Thanks! I did search for Updraftplus and the shortcodes, but were unable to find something. Therefore I thought the tokens were made for the MainWP-plugin. Once again, thanks!

You’re welcome.

Actually, I noticed that the %sitename%, %siteurl% strings were not displayed within the UDP plugin - I did a bit more digging into the MainWP UDP Extension code and you are correct, the %sitename%, %siteurl% is added there.

It should still work how you intend though if S3 allows it as these “Placeholder Strings” are simply replaced with the actual data…

Unfortunately it doesn’t work. The sub-vaults doesn’t get automatically created, and it’s not possible to add them manually. Trying Dropbox instead…

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