UpdraftPlus notice: Ensure you are logged into the correct account before continuing

I’d set Updraftplus as the backup for child sites, have scheduled weekly backups, backing up to remote storage (dropbox) and logged in/verified dropbox account on child sites. But the following messages keep appearing on the child sites:

From the information you’ve posted and how I am understanding it (I may be misunderstanding something), this looks more like an UpdraftPlus issue than a MainWP. I have never used Dropbox for remote storage for UpdraftPlus so am not sure what the first message relates to…

But the second message seems to indicate there is missing information in the child site’s UpdraftPlus configuration. Perhaps you entered it, but forgot to scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Save Changes” button?

I know that’s happened to me a few times - I enter some settings on that page and forgot to scroll all the way down and didn’t “Save Changes.” UpDraftPlus “remembers” sometimes, some of the settings or selections I have made but they don’t take effect until the Save Changes button is clicked.

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Hi @hotchilidigital

Before you can send backups of a child site to Dropbox, that specific child site needs to be authorized with Dropbox.

Due to security restrictions imposed by the providers of remote storage options, this authorization for security reasons cannot be done on MainWP Dashboard but only on the child site itself.

Can you try configuring the Dropbox connection directly on the child site and then try applying settings from the MainWP UpdraftPlus extension and see if that helps?

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