Updraftplus settings not syncing to child sites since lates updates

Hello, as I don’t find anything regarding this I am wondering if it is just me. Both, UpdraftPlus and MainWP got updated those last few days so I am not sure where the issue is, but since two days it seems that whatever setting I choose in the MainWP dashboard for Updraft, those settings do not get synced to the child sites.

However, when I apply the settings on the child sites and sync them to MainWP, those settings are now applied in the MainWP dashboard. This means however that I need to go in each child site if I need to change settings.

Hey @Liquidambient

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We couldn’t reproduce this issue on our test systems.

Please make sure to have the latest versions of the MainWP Dashboard (4.3.1), MainWP Child plugin (4.3.1), UpdraftPlus extension (4.0.8) and UpdraftPlus plugin on child sites (1.22.24).

Also, please keep in mind that you can change UpdraftPlus settings for all child sites at once on the Dashboard > Extensions > UpdraftPlus page. But you can also change settings for individual child sites, and that those will override the global settings.
So if the “Override General settings” is enabled for a child site, the changes in global setting will have no effect on it.

If you do this setting enabled, try changing the settings only for that site and see if they get sent to the child site, or disable that setting and try changing the global settings.

Thank you @bojan for the quick reply!

I am not sure what was going on but I could not reproduce the issue neither anymore. I tried today and it seems to work fine. Before when I made changes, with the “Override General Settings” turned on, next to the button appeared a blue text saying “no changes” or “nothing changed”, I can’t remember the exact wording. Today it appears as “saved” and changes sync to the child site.

Probably not the right spot for this, but I think it would be great to have a button for the " Backup Contents And Schedule" to “Do not override Dashboard > Extensions > UpdraftPlus > Backup Contents And Schedule”.

When trying to find answers to my “issue” yesterday I found that some people, like me, would like to have all the same settings on UpdrafPlus except for the Remote Storage (which is possible I know) and the Backup schedule.

Thanks again!

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You are most welcome and thank you for updating us. I’m glad it’s working properly now.

Please feel free to make a suggestion about this on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.

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