UpfraftPlus - No automatic backup before update

Hi there,
I am long-term UpdraftPlus Premium user but new to MainWP.
I would like to have UpdraftPlus make automatic updates before updating plugins or themes.
It seems this features is not working, there are already other closed tickets:
(as a new user I can only post 2 links)

According to UpdraftPlus it’s possible to trigger updates via PHP or WP CLI.

Since we update the plugins / themes via MainWP, shouldn’t it be possible to trigger an update beforehand as well?
Note: UpdraftPlus doesn’t always take full backups, but:

Backup (where relevant) plugins, themes and the WordPress database with UpdraftPlus before updating
How to take an automatic backup before an update using UpdraftPlus Premium - UpdraftPlus


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Hi @DanP

Welcome to the MainWP Community.

As Bogdan explained in of the previous threads, the “Backup before Updates” feature is not fully compatible with the MainWP plugin. Basically, the UpdraftPlus doesn’t fire because it doesn’t detect that the update process has started.

As of right now, there is nothing on our side that could be done to change this behavior, but we are planning to revisit this and see if something changes in one of the future versions.

Hi @bojan,

thanks for your reply.

My thought was the following:
As I trigger the plugin update via MainWP, MainWP knows about the update process and could manually trigger a backup before actually updating.
So MainWP would not use the build in ‘automatic update’ function from UpdraftPlus, but rather make the backup programatically.


The actual implementation is more complicated than it may seem. One consideration is that we would have to wait until the backup is completed before making updates, which could cause delays in the update process and impact the user experience.

You can read @bogdan’s reply to a similar question regarding WPVivid and the complexities of the problem:

That being said, we appreciate your input and will certainly return to this issue at a future date to investigate the possibility of implementation.

Hi Bojan,
thanks for your feedback and @bogdan 's explanation!

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