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Hi, how can I upload multiple files using the File Uploader? I want to completely replace a plugin folder. I don’t want a ZIP file (FTP cannot unzip the folder automatically). Thank you.

Hi @pras, the File Uploader extension allows you to upload multiple files by drag&dropping the files in the drop zone, but that doesn’t include support for directories.

Regarding “FTP cannot unzip”: this works.

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Thank you but the problem is that I have to update the files of more then 100 web pages at once. So in this case(unzipper tool) I have to open the unzipper.php and unzip it manually for each website.

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Thank you… I will try this method.

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If you want to replace the plugin folder, just zip the new version, and install it on all the sites using the Plugins page. there you can upload the new version and install it to the desired sites.


Wooooow peerfeeect. It works… Great idea!!! Thank you :slight_smile:


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