Uptime "status code: 0"

We’re having an issue where a couple of sites are reporting “status code:0” intermittently. Occasionally one of these won’t connect to MainWP but usually will after a refresh or a period of time.

Other sites on the same server are fine. Both the sites are on different servers

We have fail2ban on these servers but I can’t see anything in the fail2ban logs or the 7G firewall logs that would indicate a server level issue. I’m assuming that we’d be looking for the IP address of the MainWP install as the source of any blocks in the logs like this?

Host is Gridpane. All 120+ of our sites are on Gridpane so it’s not a widespread hosting issue.

Hey @brendyn

Correct, you would be looking for the IP address of the Dashboard in the logs.

Do you have any other security rules on those child sites that might be interfering? Such as security plugins, server-side firewalls, and cloud proxies?
And is there anything in common between those affected sites compared to the others? Do they have a plugin or theme installed that others don’t, is their PHP version different, etc.?

They are setup with the same plugin set that many other sites are that are not having issues.

The only thing that I could see that was different is they both had WordPress Zero Spam installed. I’ve disabled it to see if the problem persists.

All our sites have the following things that could effect it

  • cloudflare
  • 7G firewall on the server
  • Fail2ban on the server

all sites are either on php 7.4 or 8

We don’t run a security plugin (e.g. wordfence)

The setup is the same across all 120 sites so barring plugin differences like the one mentioned I can’t see any reason they should be different and I’m not seeing anything in the logs at cloudflare or for fail2ban/7G that indicates them being the source of the issue.

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Thanks for the update.

Let’s see if deactivating WordPress Zero Spam helps.
And if not, please open a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further.

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