UptimeRobot API version

I’ve just received an email from UptimeRobot:

[IMPORTANT]: The API version you are using is deprecated

We’ve noticed you’re still using our deprecated APIv1 while APIv2 is already available. APIv1 is no longer supported, meaning bugs won’t be fixed and no new features will be added.

We recommend switching to the newer version, you can find the updated Documentation for APIv2 here: API Documentation | UptimeRobot

Let us know if you have questions or need any assistance.

I can only think of a link with MainWP, so can you please check if MainWP is already using the APIv2 version? If not are you planning to change that soon?


Hi Jos,

MainWP updated the AUM extension support for Uptime Robot API v2 back in September 2017.
So I am not sure why this email would get triggered.

I will have our dev team check this and see if it’s something on our side or an error on UR side.

Changelog MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension Changelog - MainWP WordPress Management

Version 4.0 – 9-28-2017

  • Added: support for the Uptime Robot API version 2
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Thanks a lot!! Then I need to search, what else I use :smiley:

I got the same message from UptimeRobot and in my case the API is only used by the MainWP extension. For everything else I just use the UpTimeRobot web dashboard.

So it is either an error on UptimeRobots part in how it detects the older API is being used or there may be a piece of code left in the MainWP extension that uses the version 1 of the API?

The one thing that maybe different with my MainWP setup is that my whole WordPress website for it uses basic authentication (I have a htpasswd file setup in the root). I also have UpTimeRobot checking this website to not only make sure it is up but to trigger any cron jobs.

We’ll be reviewing this possible scenario today.

I got the same email too. Just commenting here to get thread updates. I am also happy to check settings or test things if it will help.

Same for me, I am only using Uptime Robot with MainWP and received the same message. But we are moving away from them with our own monitoring tool.

I believe that there was some kind of a glitch on the Uptime Robot side.

I got a confirmation from our dev team that the AUM extension uses Uptime Robot API v2.

private $api_uptime_uri = 'https://api.uptimerobot.com/v2';

I received the same email.

Hi all,

I reached out to the Uptime Robot team to check out what is going on. Here is the response that I got:

thank you for reaching out, we’re sorry but it was impossible to split the users to those using APIv1 and those using APIv2, and the email did not specifying it so I believe it could create some confusion, we’re sorry for that, of course, if you’re not using the APIv1, you can ignore it.


I’m going to mark @bogdan’s answer as the solution; it’s not something we can control. If you have additional questions, reach out to Uptime Robot support.

Also, note that the current version of AUM allows for Site24x7 and NodePing along with Uptime Robot.


Thank you for your efforts. I hope UptimeRobot will send an excuse mail to explain how/why they created this confusion and what they will do to make sure they alert the right customers.


I got the email too. Glad it was nothing!

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Thanks for checking on the issue so quickly.

At least Uptime confirmed it was their fault though I am not sure why the email wasn’t worded better as it says the receiver is using the deprecated API.

I had the same message, thanks for sharing what they said.

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