Using Redis cache for MainWP Dashboard?

I know it’s advised by MainWP not to use cache for a MainWP (only) Dashboard website.

However, I am curious if some people out here are using Redis cache for their MainWP dashboard site. Since Redis can speed up the MainWP Dashboard site WP-Admin it seems very useful when having a lot of websites in MainWP?

Anyone using this setup?

Hi Alwin,

As you said, it’s not something that we would recommend, but if other users have positive experience, you can try and see how it goes.

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Hi Alwin,

I’m using this setup with Redis Object Cache – WordPress plugin | without any problems. Though you have to install/configure php-redis module on the backend to make use of it (sudo apt-get install php-redis)

Let me know if you run into problems… happy to help.



Hello Rick, I am on Cloudways hosting and they support Redis in the backend, also with this redis plugin.

I will try it out!


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