Using Shortcodes in Reports

On the site where MainWP is installed, we have defined some shortcodes.

One of these is [year], which simply returns the current year.

We can use this on pages and posts and it works just fine.

However, when used in a MainWP report, the actual shortcode gets displayed. Is there a way to get the shortcode to be evaluated and have the proper content shown?

Is there a MainWP shortcode(s) to create a date in the form yyyy-mm-dd (2022-04-05)?


@DigitalMaestro Have you added the “Shortcodes” here:

For external [short-codes] created by yourself or on another plugin, you will need to follow this KB Article to create a custom MainWP Report Template. You then may use the do_shortcode() WP method in order to display the data.

<?php echo do_shortcode( ‘[gallery]’ ) ?>


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