Using the FluentCRM plugin on your Child Sites

Originally published at: Using the FluentCRM plugin on your Child Sites - MainWP WordPress Management

There is a new marketing and CRM solution for WordPress called FluentCRM. FluentCRM has all of the features which you would inspect to be in SaaS CRM solutions. After you have installed and activated the FluentCRM plugin on your site it will walk you through the setup wizard. After you have completed through the setup…

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Looks promising and they are running a LTD as we speak.

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The pro pricing just launched today.

I’d love some comments on people that have used it.

knowing FluentForms and the company behind it, it seems interesting, and the LTD looks very good, but some comparisons and considerations could be helpful.

Fluent Forms is a solid form plugin. I am sure more reviews will be coming out about the FluentCRM plugin soon.

Email Marketing Automation, Email Newsletter and CRM Plugin for WordPress by FluentCRM – WordPress plugin | a couple of reviews are up on the WP repo.

AutomatorWP now works with FluentCRM.

Hi Sebastian. I’m curious: you mention installing FluentCRM on a child site in the title but you don’t make any mention of why inside the article.

I’d love to see you develop on that subject.

The reason why for the FluentCRM plugin would be for having a solid self-hosted CRM that your client could use on the site.

Thank Sebastian. I meant why a “child site” rather than on the normal site.

A child site is a site which you manage using the MainWP dashboard. FluentCRM plugin CRM is solid way to provide a customer a self-hosted CRM solution on the site.

Got it. I’m not a MainWP user, which is why I didn’t understand. I found your article on the web.
I’m not an agency with clients, so when you said that we should use FluentCRM on a child site, I thought you meant using a subdomain for FluentCRM instead of using your main website (as a website owner).

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A solid plugin that works with FluentCRM is FluentSMTP. Using the FluentSMTP Plugin for Reliable Site Emails - MainWP WordPress Management

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