Verify Backups before Updating each site

There is a great post at Verify backups before doing updates?

@zackw posted a scenario is that is exactly what I am looking for.

What is the process flow to verify a site is backed up before making updates? We update over 20 sites each day, and we want to ensure that the backup was successful prior to updating a site.

How do you do this without checking each site manually before updating the site? If it matters, we are using iThemes Security Pro on our sites.


I did not find a solution yet.

I can only suggest letting MainWP and Updraft do a backup before updates. Otherwise, check each site’s backup status manually.

I intend to try and automatic, perhaps with a WP-CLI script or a custom plugin that can read the status on Updraft and Amazon S3, but who has time!

Thanks fo r the update.

A few ideas I am considering are the following:

  1. We are using iThemes Backup Buddy. This will send a success email when the backup has been made and another one when it has successfully been sent to its destination. Perhaps on each site, we implement this email to go to a generic Team Email so the list of sites can be checked for the backup. It is easier to scan a list of emails that came in that day then log into each site to check.

  2. We backup to DropBox. Another idea is keeping a spreadsheet of the sites with a link to their backup folder in Dropbox. Before updates, we can click each link to look at the Dropbox Folder for that site to see if the backup file is there.

  3. Using Zapier, we can create a zap for each site (111 sites at this point!) and have it notify a Slack Channel when the backup file arrives. Again, we scan the list for successes and note which ones did not make it.

All of this would be done (well one of the solutions) so we can update the sites in bulk.


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