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How can I see the list of my sites and the current version of WP. I can see the list under the Overview page and I can see when WP needs to be updated, but how can I see the version that is currently on the site?


Hi @DigitalMaestro, if you go under Sites → Manage Sites, you can see all of your websites: Screen Shot 2020-10-31 at 1... and if you click on the wheel icon you can choose which columns to display. It doesn’t give you the WP version but you can see if WP needs to be updated.

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Here’s what I’ve used and it works a treat. the third example 3 is the one you want.


Thanks @cad861! I was not aware of this one… I will add it right away.

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Might be better to use the MainWP Custom Dashboard Extension instead of the old MainWP Customizations plugin to add the snippet.

Also, the snippets need to be slightly readjusted since the used filters are deprecated and new ones are added:

Create Column

add_filter( 'mainwp_sitestable_getcolumns', 'mycustom_sites_table_column', 10 );
function mycustom_sites_table_column( $cols ) {
     $cols['wpversion'] = 'WP Version';
     return $cols;

Add Column Data

add_filter( 'mainwp_sitestable_item', 'mycustom_sitestable_item', 10 );
function mycustom_sitestable_item( $item ) {
     $options = apply_filters( 'mainwp_getwebsiteoptions', array(), $item['id'], 'site_info' );
     $website_info = json_decode( $options, true );
     if ( is_array( $website_info ) && isset( $website_info['wpversion' ] ) ) {
          $item[ 'wpversion' ] = $website_info[ 'wpversion' ];
     } else {
          $item[ 'wpversion' ] = '';
     return $item;

Useful Links


Good shout. Thanks Bogdan also one less plugin

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Thanks, @wpexpert -

I know that functionality is there, but I want to see what the actual version is, not just if it needs to be updated.

Thank you, @cad861 -

Exactly what I was looking for!

Thanks again!

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No worries and just ensure you follow @bogdan comment to keep it up to date.

Very handy addition.

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