Website getting disconnect frequently

There is one website that gets disconnected almost every two or three days. I need your help to pinpoint the problem so I can fix this.


Hey @spectra

Do you know if the site gets disconnected randomly or only after some actions (e.g., Updates) you perform via the Dashboard?

Are the Dashboard and that Child Site running the latest version of MainWP plugins?

Can you reconnect the site without any additional steps, such as deactivating and reactivating the MainWP Child plugin?

Hi Bojan,

It happens randomly, usually upon opening the app. I noticed that it takes a very long time to sync the website.

Yes, everything is up to date.

I am able to reconnect the site by pressing the red connect symbol, but that can take several minutes. At times, I just turn off the app and start over; when I do that, I find the website is connected.

Hey @spectra

If the site is already disconnected when you open the MainWP Dashboard, then the site probably disconnected during the automatic daily sync.

Also, taking several minutes to reconnect a site is very unusual since reconnects are usually done in seconds.

Do you know if the server that’s hosting that child site is frequently running low on resources or is generally slow for and under-specced this site?

Hi Bojan, The server is not running low on resources. Today, when I opened the app and synced with the server, it took 00:02:15 to complete the task. I monitor four websites. Should it take that long?

On another subject, can I remove the “Get Started” widget?


Hey @spectra

Please keep in mind that low server performance and/or low resources of both where the Dashboard is hosted and where the four child sites are hosted will impact this time.

I would consider 00:02:15 to be a fairly long time for syncing four sites.

When you initiate the sync, do you notice if any particular site is taking a long time?

Widgets can be toggled on or off in the Page Settings:

Hi Bojan, It takes a long time for two of them to sync every time.
Thanks for the tip about removing one of the widgets.

You are most welcome for the tip about the widgets.

I would suggest looking a bit closer at the server resources (CPU/memory) of those two sites during not just the sync process but also generally and potentially increasing them if necessary.

You may also try temporarily deactivating all plugins on those two sites except for the MainWP Child plugin so you can more easily identify the cause of the slowdowns.


It looks like the I/O usage is/was very high.

I contacted Hosting Support, and they are investigating the root cause.


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