Weird effect with Statify plugin

I have been noticing a weird effect with sites monitored by MainWP and running the Statify statistics plugin. I am using the standard uptime monitoring set to three hour intervals. Many of the monitored websites use the Statify plugin for basic statistics. For no reason I can see about a third of these sites seem to count the checks as visits from my monitoring website as referrer, two thirds don’t. As there are no different configurations, what might be the reason for that?

Hi Robin,

thanks for reaching out.
That really sounds strange.
The same cURL request is made for all child sites so I don’t see what would make a difference.
Have you considered reaching out to the Statify team and having them check why the plugin detects checks on some sites, but not on all?

It was indeed a setting for the way Statify counts visits, maybe the default changed and I didn’t notice because I don’t remember having specifically set that option (use JavaScript for detection) for the older sites. The ones which counted MainWP access were the newer ones.

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Hi Robin,

Thanks for getting back to us and sharing the solution.

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