What happened to the 'Install to Selected' when installing theme updates?

In versions up to it was possible filter all sites with a specific theme, and then (via the button Install to Selected) install a new version of that theme to all of those sites.
In version 4.3xxx this option appears to have disappeared ? Or is that functionality now hidden somewhere else please ?

Thanks !

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This is related to the issue I reported for the plugins:

For themes it’s still not available, because you can’t select active themes (they are locked).

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@John , @josklever

Currently, the “Install to Selected” button is missing for Manage Themes.
So, even if you search for Inactive themes and select the desired Child Sites, the button will not be displayed as opposed to the Manage Plugins page.

This has already been addressed, and the change will be included in the v4.3.1 release.

The second issue are the Active Themes. They currently have a Lock icon instead of a checkbox because Active themes cannot be Deleted. This prevents the sites from being selected in the current UI.

We are planning on addressing this as well. The preliminary plans are to add a separate way to select those sites while also preserving the Lock icon and the protection for the Active themes. We don’t have an exact ETA for this specific change.


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