What is happening with Reports?

I really think MainWP should be making the Reports extensions a top priority and make one that is easy to use and looks professional out of the gate. There are now two of them and one is (sort of) deprecated. But Pro should not mean “Code it your self and hack around”. Don’t get me wrong it’s awesome that we can do that. But there should be no need for that, at all!

Sorry to come off a little strong but it’s been a pet peeve of mine since I started using MainWP.

If you need help or suggestions on how to make the Reports look stunning, let’s talk!

Best regards,

Rick Hoekman

p.s. Some people don’t feel the need for reports and that’s ok. I have a lot of clients with different needs and some of them want to actually know what work has been done.

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Hey @rhoekman

We appreciate your feedback and agree about the importance of client reports.

As you noted, Client Reports is being phased out in favor of Pro Reports.
And while we have no concrete dates to share yet, we have significant changes planned for Pro Reports, including easier customization without needing to edit the PHP file.


The old plugin’s concept was better. My clients don’t have time to download pdf files… please make a HTML renderer for the Pro Reports too, I need the info straight in the email itself not in a separate document.


I agree it is complex to set up client reports

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I do not mind the PDF attachment personally and believe it should at least remain as an option.

Also agree with the previous poster that setup and customization, while being rather powerful, can be quite complex and time consuming.
I was just looking into integrating Lighthouse data into my reports which meant having to diff/meld my old template with the current version.

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