What is your dream WPMain, WP and WooCommerce stack?


I am new to Main WP and have some WP and WooCommerce experience along with hosting management experience. I have extensive, long-term marketing and previous e-commerce development experience using Magento, OSCommerce and X-Cart.

I am looking to install MainWP Pro on a Cloudways installation. We are a startup. To start, we will be doing new installations on three (new) WooCommerce stores and two (new) WordPress sites. We are a print company and expect the Woo sites to grow very quickly from a product standpoint. We also expect to add additional sites, both Woo and WP, as we grow. As such scale across the board is very important to us.

Taking all aspects of server and site management and development into consideration, what is your dream WPMain, WP, WooCommerce stack and why?

Obviously, everyone’s needs will differ based on their usage. I’m looking forward to your responses to help me develop my own dream stack.

Thank you in advance!

HI @ATKOgirl ; glad you joined us!

We have a great relationship with Cloudways so that is a good solution - MainWP and Cloudways: Making WordPress Management Easier - Cloudways

The one thing I’d like to stress about all these statements is to be sure your MainWP Dashboard is on its own WP install and not on of the WooCommerce and WordPress Installs.

The requirements for your Dashboard install can be found in this KB: System Requirements - MainWP Documentation

The server level you need is really going to depend on how popular your WooCommerce sites are. Since this site is mostly for support you may get more information at one of these Facebook Groups.

MainWP Users
Self Managed WordPress
Cloudway Users

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