What Theme for the MainWP Site?

What is the most barebone theme to use on the MainWP site? ( Since I will only use it to manage other sites I dont need a theme that needs updates etc)

Definitely Intentionally Blank – WordPress theme | WordPress.org :slight_smile:


I just realized that I can remove the last theme through FTP, so then the question becomes do I need a theme at all or can I just remove everything in the themes folder?

It will probably work, because you don’t use the frontend of your dashboard, but in theory WordPress want to use a theme, so it doesn’t hurt anything to keep such a small and empty theme installed. There’s no security risk or performance issue and if you think you need to remove it to create more disk space, then you’re having other issues. :wink:

Besides the blank theme I’m using the MainWP Clean and Lock Extension to redirect the frontend to my business site.


Ok, then I´ll install it :slight_smile:


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