Where the backups are saved?

It is not clear where the data has been saved. I need to know since most of our clients are Canadian, we can’t have their backups saved on another country servers. Data needs to stay in Canada.

@dennis do you know this maybe, or to ask CodeGuard directly?

This should help:


Thanks @dennis . So it may be an issue for us but, I know that S3 buckets are well encrypted. Need to take a look a Amazon policy and see if they can provide access to our data…

I assume you are referring to PIPEDA and that is above my knowledge level but I found this not sure if it helps

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Exactly what I need! Thanks. @dennis Do you think that CodeGuard will offer the option to select the AWS region? It would be interesting…

After reading the granular control AWS says you need for PIPEDA :exploding_head:, I would recommend a solution that specializes in PIPEDA backups and control.

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