White Label the MainWP Dashboard?

Before I make any assumptions, is it really possible to completely White Label the MainWP dashboard as Todd E Jones’ screenshot, here Scroll Down A Bit

Meaning that if I have a client (i.e. Child Site) and I make the client a Team Member for that site only, when they login to the white labeled dashboard, everything about MainWP is hidden?

And if so, can a non-coder like myself, a copy and paste type of guy, do this without too much trouble?

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I don’t know how much of white labeling you demand, but I would rather ask, why would you give your client access to your MainWP Dashboard? They have nothing to do there and should just work via their own WP dashboard.

White Label is meant for the child site, so the child plugin has your name and description. It still does have the folder name mainwp-child, because otherwise it can’t be updated.
The customization Todd did in that screenshot is more like branding your dashboard and make it look how you like, but is not really called white labeling in my opinion.


Hey @Lemarque

You can easily change the logo of the MainWP Dashboard by following the this KB/video: Customize MainWP Dashboard logo - MainWP Documentation
And you can customize the colors of the Dashboard by using Custom Dashboard extension. Here’s more information about changing and customizing themes: How to change and customize the theme for MainWP Dashboard - MainWP Documentation

However, those same customizations will be applied to all user accounts created via Team Control, so you will not be able to customize it per client basis.

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Thanks for the detailed reply @bojan

As always, the product and support are great!



I appreciate your thoughts @josklever

It has me re-thinking my reasons. I was wanting to provide the client with the ability to view what actions were taken and other stats, without them having to wait for me to send the reports.

I’m not even sending reports to my clients, because they trust me to do the job they didn’t want to do themselves. If they have questions they can always ask, the more information you actively share with them, the more (unnecessary) questions they will get and the more time it takes to answer them. Don’t make them worry about thing that are fine.

In the dashboard they can see what you haven’t done (like open updates), but they can see that in their WP dashboard as well. Other information that is actually relevant for the clients, can possibly be made available via the WP dashboard as well.

In a restaurant for example, you don’t want the customers to walk in and out of the kitchen to check what you are doing and what still needs to be done. MainWP Dashboard is your kitchen… :wink:

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